Trendy Window Blinds for Contemporary Spaces

What’s hot and what’s not in the world of blinds? Blinds are the most popular type of window treatment in the world today. Thanks to their high functionality and style, they offer countless style options for your space. Contemporary design is a modern style that generally incorporates neutral colours, clean lines, and natural materials, and is popular for its simplicity and classic elegance.

Contemporary design is constantly changing. Wood blinds are an excellent choice thanks to their natural finish and materials, which work well in a contemporary home. There is also a huge resurgence in the popularity of vertical blinds in NZ.

Check out some window blinds ideas to put the finishing touch on your stylish contemporary space.

2021 The Year of the Home Office

This year might as well be renamed The Year of the Home Office. Specifically, so many of our customers who invested in blinds over the past year came to us looking for the best blinds for a home office. As home offices became a thing, vertical blinds came full circle, again appreciated for their effectiveness in a workplace setting, particularly in your home office. Screen glare, dimout, or light filtering blinds are great solutions for a home office.

Not every blinds purchaser in 2021 bought for a home office, but the type of blinds that have proven popular this year does reflect—and is greatly influenced by—last year’s sudden growth in working from home.

Vertical Blinds are Now Cool

Vertical blinds have undergone something of a resurgence this year and are well worth a second look. They now come with a refashioned contemporary headrail style, a choice of finishes and colours, and the versatility to suit tall, wide and other difficult windows.

Vertical blinds are cost-effective to maintain (you can replace individual verticals if they are damaged in any way) and provide great light and heat control. Customer feedback over 20 years has empowered us to make constant improvements to our vertical blinds’ components and design.

Roller Blinds Remain the Most Popular Option in 2021

Roller blinds have been the most popular blinds in 2021, as they have been for every year we’ve been selling blinds online. This is due in part to the fact that they have customisation options that can tackle most blinds challenges. They come in a wide range of patterns and styles, and like for like, are the lowest cost blinds as a rule as well.

Roller blinds tick all the boxes. They’re easy to use, cost-effective, and stylish. They’re also available in three types of fabric choices, depending on whether you intend to simply filter light or block it out entirely. All of our roller blinds have the option of child-safety chain stabilisers.

Classic Venetian Blinds Still Trendy

The enduring popularity of the stylish Venetian blind owes to their effectiveness in managing heat and light. They are the tried-and-true way to control the natural light in any room and, as our most versatile solution, they offer an affordable yet trendy way to reduce glare in your home or office.

The beautiful thing about Venetian blinds is that they can adapt to the changing environment around them. They are still relevant today because they have adapted well to the modern perspectives of contemporary style.

We Have the Most Up to Date Designs in Window Dressing

At Home Vision Blinds, innovation is in our blood. We’re constantly improving and extending our product range. We keep the range up to date by attending international exhibitions, which means you always have access to the latest trends. Our friendly, experienced team is happy to advise you on your window solution options, so talk to your passionate and experienced consultants today!

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