Patio blinds & sunscreen blinds

Reduce glare without losing your view
with sunscreen roller blinds

sunscreen blinds

Home Vision’s sunscreen blinds are a great solution to reduce glare and protect from the sun’s harmful rays, ideal as patio blinds. Our sunscreen roller blinds come in a range of weights: the sunfilter weight offers more privacy, with only shadows visible from outside, whereas the sunscreen weight is a more transparent weave which allows you to enjoy the views, making it ideal for patio blinds. In New Zealand the sun is notoriously strong, so sunscreen roller blinds give great protection to your valuable artwork and soft furnishings, while still allowing you to enjoy your view.

Advantages of sunscreen blinds

sunscreen blinds    sunscreen blinds

  • Low maintenance
  • Mould and fire resistant
  • Available in a wide range of colours
  • Fabrics for sunscreen & patio blinds are available in different density or ‘openness’ weaves, allowing you to select the fabric that suits your requirements best. Sunscreen blinds are lightly-woven so you can still see figures, while sunfilter has a rice paper effect where you can only see silhouettes.
  • Versatile and easy-to-operate with side-winder chain control or talk to us about motorised solutions for hard-to-reach windows.

sunscreen roller blinds

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patio blinds     patio blinds

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