Are there many different colour options for draw cords/toggles?

We find that most people opt for neutrals, which are more stylish, so we stick with white, ivory, grey and black.

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I have young children in the house and I’m worried about child safety with cords or chains. Is there anything that can be done about this?

With vertical blinds, we offer a chainless option, which we would recommend for your home, and we also have a clip restraint for our roller blinds , which would allow you to position the cord out of the reach of your youngsters.

I’d love to have blinds in my bathroom, but it does get quite moist in there – I don’t want them going all mouldy.

All our Home Vision roller blind fabrics are coated with a special polyester coating making them resistant to mould, which is perfect for high moisture environments, such as bathrooms or kitchens. We seal using an ultrasonic cutting table, so the join is completely airtight. The same treatment makes them fire-resistant too.


Are there different fabric weights?

Yes, there are three fabric densities:

  • Sunscreen offers UV protection for furniture, but because it is lightly woven, you can still see through.
  • Sun filter has like a rice paper effect where you can only see silhouettes
  • Blockout fabric gives 100% opacity and complete privacy. There is also the option to add an extra thermal backing layer, which makes them effective against heat-loss during the winter!

Is there a choice in slat size for wooden and Vision Wood blinds like there is with aluminium?

No, for practical reasons, we only offer Wooden and Vision Wood Venetian blinds in 46mm slat size. We find that most of our customers are satisfied with this.

Do you do custom colours/stains for the wooden blinds?

Our wooden blinds are only available in a choice of white, alabaster and natural cedar wood. We don’t offer custom colours or stains at this stage.

wooden-blinds3   wooden-blinds6

Do you make Roman blinds?

Our four types of window covering – roller blinds, Venetian blinds, vertical blinds and sunscreen/sun filter blinds keeps us very busy and we have no plans at the moment to diversify into Roman blinds.

Can you make blinds with fabric I supply?

Sadly, no. In order to keep the standard of our Home Vision blinds consistently good, we are very particular about which suppliers we use and have meticulously tested their fabrics so we know how they perform. If we are unfamiliar with the fabric source, we wouldn’t be happy to guarantee the finished product.

I like the look of roller blinds, but how warm would they be?

If warmth is what you’re after, we would recommend having a thermal backing on your blinds. Because they are made-to-measure for your windows, this would make them very efficient at insulating.

Are your sunscreen or sun filter blinds guaranteed UV light resistant?

More information required

If you have any other question, feel free to contact us.



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