How to clean blinds


Venetian Blinds

We are constantly asked how to clean venetian blinds as they are the most difficult blinds to clean. There are several quick and easy method on how to clean.

Use a feather duster

Suitable for Aluminium Venetian, Wooden Venetian and PVC Venetian

The quickest way to clean your venetian blinds is using a feather duster, which will be sufficient if your blinds have a light layer of dust on them. Just turn the blades horizontally and run the feather duster between each blade; it will pick up the dust on both sides.

Use an old sock

Suitable for Aluminium Venetian, Wooden Venetian and PVC Venetian

If you are looking for a more thorough clean around the hard to reach corners, use an old sock like a glove. Put a little window spray on the section you wish to clean and run your sock hand along the slats to pick up the dust.

Vacuum cleaning

Suitable for Aluminium Venetian, Wooden Venetian and PVC Venetian

In most cases vacuuming your blinds is sufficient if the blinds are just covered with a light dust. Best used with brush attachment. It is also a quick and easy way of preparing those extra dusty blinds for a more intense clean.

Heavy duty cleaning

Suitable for Aluminium Venetian only

Use two S shape hooks and hang them on the inside of your shower curtain rod or washing line. Hang your venetian blinds by the top head rail on to the hooks. Be sure it is secure. Use warm soapy water and either a soft brush or sponge, and clean the blinds thoroughly.

Roller Blinds & Sunscreen Blinds

Cleaning roller and sunscreen blinds is quite simple. Normally, a feather duster or damp cloth will suffice.
Alternatively, you can lay the blinds in the tub filled with warm water and a very mild soap detergent. Let the blind soak for a while to loosen any ingrained dirt. Take it out and wipe over it with a soft sponge or cloth to remove any remaining dirt.

Vertical Blinds

The same principles can be applied to vertical blinds as to cleaning a roller blind. The only difference is if you wish to clean vertical blind in a tub, you will need to remove the vertical blades from the track by unhooking them from the top. Remove the bottom chains and weights from each blade before entering water.


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