Spring Cleaning: Practical Ways to Refresh Your Home

Spring leads to spring cleaning and spring-cleaning often leads to many more comprehensive ways to freshen up your home. This is especially true as the days lengthen, and the excitement of warmer weather inspires our creative endeavours. After months of cold and dreary weather, many of us feel the urge to spruce up our homes and embrace the energy that comes with the new season.

At Home Vision Blinds, we have lots of practical and creative ideas, ranging from bringing the outdoors in, dressing up your walls and rearranging the furniture, to refreshing your window treatments with, for instance, some new vertical blinds. Without further ado, let’s look at the ways you can revamp your home.

Bring the Outside In

The quickest and easiest way to create a sense of the outdoors/indoors is with plants! Whether real or faux, the addition of greenery to your indoor space will instantly add a sense of calm and make a great choice for those who may not have the luxury of outdoor space. Indoor gardens go beyond just a collection of houseplants; well-planned indoor greenery and can add a wow factor to any space. Think about combining foliage of different sizes and shapes, as well as plants of different heights and growing habits.

Dress Up Your Walls for Spring

There are plenty of creative ways you can update your room with colour. Create accent walls by choosing a bold colour that adds glamour or, if you want a more subdued effect, choose understated, neutral hues to match your interior design style.

Spring suggests bright white, pastels, and calming neutrals, so, after you’ve packed away the dark, warm colours of winter, try incorporating a few lighter colours into the mix. Consider swapping out a wall of colourful family photos for a serene arrangement of black and whites or vibrant greens and blues.

Window Treatments Can Make Your Home Feel Bigger

Opening your windows to the spring weather will create a freshness you’ll no doubt have longed for in the winter months. Sprucing up your window treatments can also make your home feel bigger. While those dark-coloured blinds felt right in the winter, consider swapping them for pastels or crisp white blinds.

Aside from cleaning your windows to let in more natural light, you can also update your old curtains to new, budget-friendly window treatments that add elegance and privacy to your home. Consider more economical options that allow your window coverings to change with the seasons.

Let the Light in with Home Vision Blinds

To bring the light indoors this spring, choose the right window blinds! For example, Venetian blinds are compact and stylish, offering efficient light control and timeless elegance to any setting. Similarly, the efficiency and modern design of sunscreen roller blinds make them an excellent solution as well.

Venetian blinds are a tried-and-true way to control the natural light in any room. As our most versatile solution, they offer an affordable yet stylish way to reduce glare in your home. At Home Vision Blinds, we create high-quality Venetian blinds in New Zealand, and our designs can be customised to suit any home style.

If you are in the market for some beautiful window treatments, why not explore our range online today?

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