Fitting Blinds to a Frame: Inside or Outside? 

When choosing window blinds for your home, deciding whether to mount blinds inside or outside the frame can be difficult, as the differences between the two can be subtle if you don’t know what to look for. As experts in the industry, we reveal all the need-to-know details about both. Read on to learn the pros and cons! 

 Inside Mount Blinds 

As the name suggests, inside mount blinds are installed on the inside frame of the window (recess measurement). This style of mount is particularly loved for its neat, minimalist appearance and space-saving design, and is generally the most popular choice for blinds, for a number of reasons.


 Pro 1: Inside mount blinds are perfect for layering 

When it comes to layering, inside mount blinds are an excellent choice. Outside mount blinds or other drapery can easily sit outside of the window frame, without hindering the functionality of the inside mount blinds. In this way, multiple window treatments can be installed without them looking bulky or losing efficiency! 


 Pro 2: They allow you to show off fine framework 

If you prize the wooden frames of your window and want to show them off, then inside mount blinds are an excellent choice. While outside mount blinds cover the framing completely, inside mount designs will neatly fit into the recess of the window frame, leaving the window frame completely visible. 


 Pro 3: Inside mount blinds can be installed close to the glass 

Inside mount blinds can be installed right up close to the window glass, meaning that any objects and ornaments you keep on the windowsill will not be obstructed or hidden when the blinds are closed. 


 Pro 4: They are the perfect solution for small spaces 

The minimalist design of inside mount blinds makes them perfect for small rooms and interiors with limited space. 


 Con 1: Not a complete blackout solution 

Because inside mount blinds need to have slight gaps on either side of the blind for the control components, they cannot completely block out light on their own.  


 Con 2: Bulky handles and mullions can become obstacles 

If your window has bulky handles and mullions, they may be in the way when lowering your blinds. If this is the case, outside mount blinds may be the better option.  

 Outside Mount Blinds 

Outside mount blinds are installed outside of the window frame (exact measurement). They are usually placed above the window frame or on the trim. Because blinds installed on the outside of the window frame are unrestricted by space limitations, homeowners have more freedom and flexibility when choosing window blind designs for their interior. Explore our pros and cons for outside mount blinds below!


 Pro 1: The best choice for shallow window frames 

If your windows are too shallow, installing inside the window frame may not be possible. For these windows, outside mount blinds are a great option as they will not be hindered at all by the limited frame depth. 


 Pro 2: Provides a complete blackout solution 

If you need total blackout solutions for a certain room, outside mount blinds are the way to go. Great for full coverage and blocking out unwanted light, outside mount blinds are the perfect solution for families who love their movie nights in the dark, and for individuals who need pitch black bedrooms to get their eight hours of sleep. 


 Pro 3: Perfect for concealing unsightly window trim  

If your window trim is old or damaged, you can use outside mount blinds to conceal the frame, without having to spend extra money renovating. 


Pro 4: They can make your windows seem larger and your ceiling higher 

With outside mount blinds, you can create the illusion that your window is larger and your ceiling higher than it really is! Because blinds mounted on the outside are not limited by the shape and size of the frame, your blinds don’t have to be restricted to the dimensions of the window. You can place your blinds as high or as low as you want them! If you want your window to appear larger, simply position your blinds higher than the window frame and let them hang low to the ground. Blinds that are placed up close to the ceiling can also give the appearance of a higher ceiling. 


 Pro 5: Less stress over accurate measurements 

One of the hassles of measuring your own windows is that you have to make sure your measurements are correct, and once you have ordered your blinds, you have to wait until they arrive before you know for sure that they are the perfect fit for your windows. This whole process can seem more stressful than it’s worth. 


If you don’t want to worry about whether your blinds are going to fit your window measurements, then outside mount blinds are the perfect solution. They have more room for error and⎯if your measurements aren’t too small for the window⎯they can easily be worked to suit any interior design.


 Cons 1: They take up more space than inside mount blinds 

If your room has limited space, then outside mount blinds may take up more space and make the room feel cramped. In this case, inside mount blinds would be the better choice as their minimalist design would maximise the use of the space available. 


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