How to Reduce Energy Costs at Home During Winter

Balancing the line between having a beautifully decorated room and the stress it puts on your wallet can leave you hesitant when planning the changes that you want to make. However, redecorating a space doesn’t mean that you need to buy new designer furniture or overhaul an entire room’s layout, which can be expensive and not functional. We show you our cheap home décor ideas that can transform your living space for a fraction of the cost.

Make Your Colours Work

A simple change of paint can freshen up the look of a room – we suggest neutral colours for a clean and minimalistic look. Also, while they shouldn’t be the same as your wall paint, your chosen furniture should have complementary colours; a mismatched yet coordinated set can invite a charming and cosy environment. Accessories such as area rugs or throw pillows should be bold to add a pop of colour to the scene, draw the eye, and bring the overall theme of the area together.

More for Less

Go thrifting for second-hand furniture. Perhaps you’ll find a new-looking coffee table, a couple of cheap antiquities, or plenty of other hidden gems that you can use to elevate your home. You can also make a feature wall with various pieces of art you find or simply do it yourself! Grab a couple of art supplies and canvases and get painting. Not only does this inject colour and expression into a room as a form of cheap home décor, but it also adds personality to your room and can tell a story.


Storage doesn’t have to be bulky and unpleasant looking. A nice shelf or bookcase offers a stylish option for increased storage space without having a bunch of boxes lying around. This puts your important items on display, adding character to a room while maintaining a clean and organised appearance.

Cover Your Windows

The power of custom window treatments in transforming a room is often overlooked, and the amount of natural light is crucial in setting tone and mood. In addition to providing light and privacy control, blinds come in different styles and materials and can be customised to suit the intended room design. Roller blinds can be rolled up or down while vertical blinds are sleeker and made up of individual slats that can open from the centre or one of the sides.

Custom-fitted blinds with high-quality materials are guaranteed to weather a fair bit of use and aren’t as cheap as ill-sized blinds. A raised or large window blind can also create the illusion that your ceilings are higher and make your room feel bigger overall.

Transform Your Home Today

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