9 of the most common questions about Roller Blinds

We all love roller blinds! It’s simply one of the most versatile window enhancements; flexible, practical and stylish. To help you decide we put together the answers to 9 frequently asked questions.

1) Can I install roller blinds without drilling a hole in the window frame?

A:  No. To install roller blinds properly, you will need to drill holes in the frame then secure the installation brackets with screws.

2) Do thermal blinds really keep the heat in?

A:  Yes, they will retain more heat than lighter fabric weights. However, thermal blinds do not generate heat and should be used alongside a heat pump, wood burner, or another heat source.

3) Can I clean my roller blinds?

A:  Yes, they can be cleaned using a damp cotton cloth. Avoid using any bleach or cleaning products that contain bleach as this could discolour your blind.  A gentle rub on the spot immediately after its been stained is recommended. To find out more about how to clean your blinds follow this manual.

4) Can I cut my existing roller blind into a smaller sized blind?

A: Yes, but it will need to be done with proper cutting equipment. Parts of the roller blinds will need to be reassembled after cutting. It’s best to ask for a quote estimate first before altering the size of the blind this way.

5) Which rooms are roller blinds suitable for?

A: Roller blinds are very versatile. You can have them in any room of the house.  People tend to use block out roller blinds in their bedroom or bathroom, and sunscreen or light filtering roller blinds in their lounge. Dual roller blinds are popular for bedrooms and living rooms because they allow both light control and privacy.

6)  How are roller blinds fitted?

A:  They are installed with brackets. The brackets need to be installed inside your window frame with small screws (see question 1).

7)  Which way should roller blinds go?

A:  This is up to you.   The patterned or textured side will face inside the house unless you request otherwise.

8)  Can you fix roller blinds?

A:  If components of your roller blinds need fixing, depending on the age of the blind, we may carry the same component. You can purchase parts in our store or over the phone (if the original blinds were manufactured by us). If the problem can’t be fixed with a new part, we can give you a quote to have it repaired at our factory.

9)  What materials are roller blinds made of?

A:  Roller blinds come in hundreds of different fabric types.  The most basic type is non-thermal blackout fabric.  All of our fabric used are tested and proven to be non-toxic under harsh sunlight and we will not use any fabric that has not been tested.

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