6 useful things you need to know about Vertical Blinds!?

If you’re considering getting vertical blinds but still have some unanswered questions, have a look at our Vertical Blinds FAQ’s below. 

1) Can you wash vertical blinds?

A:  Yes. You can wash blockout vertical blinds at home. Simply take out the slats and wipe them with a cloth that’s been dipped in mild soapy water. For other fabric weights, ask a professional blind cleaner to assess your vertical blinds first.  Some fabrics (the slightly see-through ones) can’t be cleaned at home, and soaking them can actually worsen the dirty spot.

2) Are vertical blinds out of style?

A:  Vertical blinds are still in style. Even if they aren’t as popular as they were in the ‘80s and ‘90s, they are still the most affordable choice for large windows and sliding doors.

3) Are vertical blinds good for privacy?

A:  Due to their slat design, vertical blinds block a good amount of natural light while also providing an adequate level of privacy. However, the materials used in vertical blinds are slightly transparent, so some light will still come through at night. For total privacy, you can purchase vertical blinds made with blockout fabrics. That way, even with the light on at night, you will have total privacy.

4) Are vertical blinds expensive?

A: Compared with other blinds, verticals are one of the most cost-effective options. That’s why they’re such a popular choice for commercial properties.

5) Are vertical blinds suitable for bathrooms?

A: We don’t recommend vertical blinds for bathrooms. Due to their structure, vertical blinds are a little more tricky to clean than roller blinds. Furthermore, they don’t cope well in wet environments. Moisture in the bathroom or laundry can cause mould on vertical fabrics, so it’s better to opt for a moisture resistant material.

6)  Can vertical blinds be cut?

A:  Vertical Blinds can be cut or trimmed down, but there’s a restriction on how much you can reduce the length. Each case is different. However, we don’t service or alter blinds manufactured by other companies.

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