Exciting Window Blind Trends for 2022 & Beyond

The last two years have seen Kiwis taking to home renovations with gusto, as we endured lockdowns and border closures and spent more time within the confines of our own homes. So, if you need some creative inspiration for your next home renovation or your first home, check out our predictions for the top window blind trends in 2022 and beyond!

More Window Blind Trends for 2022

Embracing the versatility of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds have a relaxed and graceful aesthetic, with a simple mechanism making them more accessible. Some modern versions even come with motorised mechanisms, which make operating them a lot easier.

Many homeowners spent 2021 renovating and changing their windows for larger sizes to give their interiors more natural light. The loose spacing and wide slats of vertical blinds offer a relaxed look, making them ideal for larger windows. When used properly, vertical blinds can make your entire room feel more spacious.

Back-to-Nature Colour Pallets

Home decorating trends have developed a modern twist on the idea of bringing the outdoors in. This is achieved by including natural wood finishes mixed with earthy colour pallets, combining to create a calming and natural ambience. Roller blinds continue to be another very popular trend for 2022 and are available in a variety of earth tone colours, textures, and hardware options, making them an ideal choice for the trending naturistic colour pallet.

Woven wood Roman blinds are also trending as a great way to bring the elements of nature inside the home to create an architectural feel. The natural woven woods give these shades an organic texture. It is no surprise that after the exigencies of the last two years, many homeowners have a renewed interest in bringing elements of the outdoors into their home décor.

Minimalistic Sheers

Alternately, sheer shadings are another on-trend option for 2022. Sheer blinds provide soft diffused natural light and yet another way to invite the outdoors in. These blinds are constructed with a unique combination of front and back sheers, with floating adjustable fabric vanes to create maximum visibility outside, while maintaining a soft diffused glow inside the home.

Home Automation & Smart Home Technology

Additionally, many homeowners are working toward upgrading their homes to include smart home automation technology. This has also sparked a trend for automated window coverings. Motorised shades can be programmed to block out harmful UV rays during peak daylight hours and timed perfectly for privacy during the times when you need it most.

Energy-efficient window blinds will be more popular than ever

Another exciting window blind trend is energy-efficient window blinds, which are now a top choice for environmentally aware homeowners, and eco-friendly and locally sourced materials will continue to rise in popularity in 2022. Venetian blinds in Auckland will continue to offer people exceptional light and heat control without compromising on the view they spend more time appreciating.

Choose Blinds that Stay in Style

With over 30 years of experience in manufacturing, we are one of the largest blinds manufacturers in New Zealand. As more and more people are becoming ecologically conscious, this is extending to the way we decorate our interiors.

We have established, ever since we started the business, that producing locally means you get the highest quality at factory prices. It also means that all labour laws are adhered to and that there isn’t nearly as much transportation needed. Buying locally made windows blinds has been a trend for some time now, and it would seem it’s going to be as strong as ever during this next year.

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