Vertical vs Horizontal Blinds: Which is Best?

Blinds are a functional and attractive window treatment solution that offers a modern approach to traditional curtains. The orientation of horizontal and vertical blinds isn’t the only thing that differs between them. They differ in their application, decorative appeal, and suitability for window types. We discuss vertical vs horizontal blinds so you can make an informed choice for your home or workplace.

Vertical Blinds

Double-layer roller blinds offer the utmost control over light and privacy. Switch over to sunscreen blinds for filtered light during the day and a decent level of privacy for reading, working, or going about your daily activities. Sunscreen blinds are perfect for when you live in highly populated areas and still want to enjoy the sunshine and outdoor views without outsiders looking in.

With the duality of double-layer blinds, you can switch to block-out blinds for complete darkness at night, perfect for ensuring uninterrupted sleep and helping you feel more well-rested in the morning. Achieve total versatility and control to suit your lifestyle at any time of the day.

Horizontal Blinds

Horizontal blinds come in several variations, with roller blinds and Venetian blinds being the most popular. Roller blinds come in versatile material choices like blackout and sunscreen fabrics for many different needs. Blackout fabric is great for bedrooms and will work well to minimise light in the morning, promoting uninterrupted sleep. Sunscreen fabric is UV-resistant and protects furniture from sun damage while providing ample privacy and letting in natural light. Roller blinds can be placed on an interchangeable dual system for a versatile solution at any time of day.

Venetian blinds come in wood, aluminium, or faux wood options and can be custom painted to suit any interior decor. Faux wood or PVC is mould-resistant, making it perfect for humid areas in the home, like kitchens and bathrooms. Practical and stylish, Venetian blinds feature thinner slats compared to vertical blinds.

Horizontal blinds will work well for smaller or medium-sized windows.

Which is Better?

Vertical and horizontal blinds are both attractive and practical options for any room. Choose your blinds according to your style and functionality needs.

Areas like patio doors or large windows will look great with vertical blinds that allow you to use your door or window without complications. In contrast, horizontal blinds work best with narrow or regular-sized windows. Both offer customisation options to create a tailored window treatment solution suited to your home.

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