Venetian vs Vertical Blinds: Which is Right for You?

Transforming any space is no easy feat. There are many decisions to make with a lot of “this or that” in the process. Choosing window coverings is one of the many tasks you will deal with when renovating or building your home or office. From roller blinds to pleated blinds, the options seem endless. To help you get started, we compare the two most popular blinds – Venetian vs vertical blinds. Find out which suits your space best!

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds feature horizontal slats made from wood, faux wood, or aluminum. To operate, raise the slats to allow natural light to enter. You can tilt the wand to control the amount of light that enters or adjust the slats for better privacy.

Pros of Venetian blinds

Easy to Use

Venetian blinds are easy to use and give you the freedom to control the light in your home or office. This level of control and flexibility make them more appealing to homeowners.

Great Privacy and Light Control

Venetian blinds are an excellent choice if you want natural light to enter without compromising your privacy. When you tilt the slats, you allow light to enter without passers-by seeing you inside.

Excellent Insulators

Wood and faux wood Venetian blinds make great insulators. However, it’s important to note that wood material is unsuitable for humid environments. This makes Venetian blinds an excellent option for living areas rather than the bathroom and kitchen.

Who are they Suitable for?

If you want simple blinds with a plain style that’s easy to operate, Venetian blinds may be the perfect solution for you. Venetian blinds don’t require rigorous maintenance except for wiping the horizontal slats. They’re a perfect long-term window solution because they’re durable and long-lasting.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds have vertical slats made from fabric and hanging slats with weighted bottoms. You can control vertical blinds using a wand to adjust the lighting and privacy of the room.

Pros of Vertical Blinds

Design Options

Since vertical blinds are made from fabric, you get more colour and fabric choices to match your design style.

Suitable for Humid Environments

Vertical blinds allow the breeze to enter much more freely into a room. During summer, you can have your windows wide open, allowing little breeze and sunlight inside, but without suffering from too much glare.

Easy to Maintain

Since slats are vertical, they don’t accumulate much dust, making them easier to maintain.

Who are they Suitable for?

If you want more colour choices and to reduce your dependence on air conditioning, vertical blinds are the way to go. Vertical blinds offer several fabric options, with water-resistant ones ideal for kitchens and bathrooms.

Which is Better?

Venetian and vertical blinds offer unique benefits that make them fantastic window dressings. To decide which is more suitable for your space, consider the size of your windows, the style you want to achieve, how much insulation and coverage allowance you’re after, and your budget.

Vinyl and aluminum Venetian blinds offer pocket-friendly price points compared to their wooden counterparts. However, the latter makes for a better investment as they’re more durable and long-lasting. Meanwhile, vertical blinds are made from fabric, making them more affordable, and have vertical slats that are easily replaceable.

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