Venetian Blinds 101 – What You Need to Know

When choosing window covers, you want a something that provides adequate light diffusion and, privacy, and sun protection, and venetian blinds perform well in all of those areas.

Venetian blinds provide a unique look and superior functionality for modern and traditional homes, but beyond the obvious benefits, why else should you consider them? Here’s everything you need to know about venetians, and how they can work for varied design schemes.

You can choose your own material

Venetian blinds are flat, horizontal slats made from either aluminium, faux wood, or wood. Home Vision Blinds gives you the freedom to choose whatever material you please to best suit your tastes, and answer your specific needs.

  1. Aluminium venetian blinds are made from metal and are ideally used to fit modern spaces. At Home Vision, we can custom-paint your aluminium blinds to pair well with a specific design theme.
  2. Faux wood or PVC blinds are great alternatives to wood. You can achieve the same look of wooden blinds, but benefit from the ease of maintenance they offer.
  3. Wooden blinds offer the most natural look amongst the three. You can either choose from a natural, stained, or coloured finish, depending on what you want to achieve. Wooden blinds also offer impressive thermal insulating, to keep your home cool during summers, and warm during winters.

They work well solo or as pair

Venetian blinds are great stand-alone window coverings,but if you want to match curtains and blinds together, choosing the blind material is essential, as it provides a basic design you can work off from when pairing with drapes.

To achieve a more au naturel look, you can combine wooden blinds with curtains that complement the warmer colours of the wood. For a crisp look, use muted drapes with bold-coloured aluminium blinds.

They’re very versatile

Venetian blinds can enhance most living areas, but unbeknownst to some, they can also work well for kitchens and bathrooms, as bathrooms and kitchens rely heavily on both privacy and light control.

They’re moisture-resistant

Another reason they work well in bathrooms and kitchens is their resistance to moderate amounts of moisture. It’s unlikely you will encounter problems, as they are made to suit moisture-prone areas such as the kitchen, laundry, and bathroom.

They’re easy to maintain

Quality venetian blinds in NZ are made with smooth, non-porous surfaces. This makes their slats easily wipeable.

They can be made-to-measure

If you’re looking for a more economic option, ready-made venetian blinds may be the more favourable option. However, if you need to fit blinds to a window, you can. This means cutting the slats down in size, as well as the header rail and bottom bar. At Home Vision Blinds, a made-to-measure option saves you from hiring another person to make adjustments, or cutting your blinds down to size yourself.

Enhance your space with Venetian Blinds from Home Vision

If you want something practical, yet still aesthetically pleasing, venetian blinds are your best bet. At Home Vision Blinds, we offer top-notch custom-made blinds made from the material and colour of your choice. What’s more, we offer a five-year warranty for our products, to ensure the best quality for your home. Call our mobile sales team now, so we can give you a free measure and quote!

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