Ideal Home Office Lighting to Maximise Productivity

Now that WFH (working from home) has become a common element of our professional lives, many have taken a long, hard look at our once temporary office spaces and found them lacking in both style and substance. When you work in a home office, the quality of lighting in your workspace can make or break your productivity, so it is important to allow as much natural lighting as possible.

We need to avoid working under the glare of overhead lights, so home office window treatments are recommended, whether your office is separate or integrated as part of a kitchen or bedroom. To create a space in which you can feel motivated and productive, take some tips from our design team at Home Vision Blinds, with our pick of the best shutters and blinds Auckland wide.

The Importance of Natural Light for the Workplace

Natural lighting in the office is considered one of the most important factors in retaining happy and productive employees, and the home office is no exception. To use natural light, you need to select suitable window treatments that allow light and sunlight in. 

Access to natural light has a range of benefits for us, many of which contribute to improved productivity in the work environment. A 2017 study conducted by Cornell Univeristy showed that employees who were exposed to natural light suffered from 51% less eye strain and 63% fewer headaches than those who saw no natural light during the day.

Top Tips for Creating Ideal Home Office Lighting

Considering the positive impact natural light has on individuals and their performance, it makes sense for us to do whatever we can to introduce more into the office. One of the best window treatments to create natural light in your home office is the use of solar shades, which give your office modern elegance and functionality at the same time. They also eliminate glare on televisions, computer screens and phones, and come with both cordless and motorised options. Light-filtering roller and solar shades block UV rays from damaging your equipment and furniture, diffusing the light coming into the office, creating a perfect ambience for work.

Another compatible type of window treatment is sunscreen roller blinds sunscreen roller blinds which increase natural light, creating a barrier that the sun cannot fully get through. You can still have natural light coming through while enjoying the view from your window.

Choose a Window Treatment to Blend into the Rest of Your Home

As your office is, after all, part of your home, you want it to blend in with the rest of the house, and for this requirement, you can choose roller blinds, especially for a busy office. They can be pulled right up to allow the room to flood with light, and when pulled down they become almost invisible, making them ideal for a smaller space.

Another great tip for today’s modern office is to synchronise your blinds with your devices, so everything is ready when you walk in the door. You can then adjust your blinds with a remote control such as your iPhone, Apple Home or Google Home Assistant, without leaving your chair.

Finally, you can create a sleek, stylish interior with Home Vision Blinds’ cost-effective window treatment, vertical blinds. These are New Zealand’s favourite for the office, providing great heat and light control.

Lighten Up Your Home Office with Home Vision Blinds

We have a huge range of stylish and sophisticated window treatment ideas, including Venetian blinds, a tried-and-tested way to control the natural light in any room. As our most versatile solution, they offer a time-tested alternative to reducing glare in your home office.

White shutters are also popular for anywhere in the home, but particularly in a WFH space, offering privacy, without sacrificing light, so come on down today to choose the window treatment you prefer for your home office.

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