Top Five Advantages of Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are great, and not just because of their economical and affordable design. If you’re in the middle of redecorating your home and in need of some inspiration, vertical blinds are a popular window cover to consider! Read on for the top advantages of using custom-made vertical blinds in your home.

1. Vertical Blinds are Perfect for Large Windows

First, let’s consider the advantages of using vertical blinds as larger window coverings. While wide window designs are beautiful to look at and make a room feel more spacious, finding the right window covers to use can be a bit trickier than for smaller window designs. Venetian blinds might be too heavy or difficult to operate over a large window, and roller blinds might appear like one solid block of colour against the wall, which can clash with décor.

Vertical blinds, on the other hand, are much more adjustable, no matter what size the window is. Made of strips of fabric called louvre, vertical blinds provide great light adjustability and a soft effect for window shading.

2. Vertical Blinds Makes Your Ceiling Appear Higher

Vertical lines are well-loved in interior design for their ability to create the impression of height and spaciousness in a home. While painting lines or using a striped wallpaper can do the trick, vertical blinds are a cost and time-effective way of adding an interior pattern. The extensive range of fabrics available allows you to easily customise your blinds to fit in with your home style, décor, and furnishings.

3. Excellent for Sliding Doors & Patio Doors

If you are looking for coverage for your sliding doors or patio doors, vertical blinds are the perfect choice for you! They will meet both your style and functionality needs. Vertical blinds are the best cover design for doors because while they provide effective shading, they also maintain easy access to the door.  If you wanted to pass through a doorway featuring roller blinds, you would have to draw the blinds up every time you pass through, which can be a hassle, to say the least. In comparison, vertical blinds can easily be pushed to the side and will stack neatly when drawn in, adding to the organisation of your home.

4. Adjustable Privacy

If you have a beautiful view outside your window, chances are you’re feeling reluctant to cover it up. However, vertical blinds are the perfect solution in this case! Often curtains and roller blinds will give you effective privacy and light control, but also minimise your view outside. Vertical blinds won’t block your view as they are designed with maximum adjustability in mind. You can slant them neatly at specific angles throughout the day to suit your needs and keep out the glare, while also maintaining your view outside.

5. Easy to Clean & Maintain

Vertical roller blinds are easy to maintain and keep clean for years of crisp, quality operation. To clean your blinds, they don’t need to be removed from the wall, simply wipe them down with a cloth that’s been dipped in mildly soapy water. You’ll be able to get rid of dust and dirty spots this way.

Here at Home Vision Blinds, our fabrics are treated during the manufacturing process to make them mould resistant and fire retardant, for maximum efficiency. Also, if there are any problems, or if your blinds get damaged, we can easily come and replace individual blades, with no hassle at all.

For Quality Vertical Blinds in New Zealand

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