Shutters vs Venetian Blinds: Which is Right for You?

Choosing the right blinds for your home is essential to making your space your own. A common question we get from our customers is which type of blind is better: shutter blinds or Venetian blinds? The truth is, when it comes to shutters vs Venetian blinds, the answer is unique to the homeowner.

That’s why we’re breaking down each kind for you here! Explore which window treatment is right for you and where you might want to put them in your home.

Shutter Blinds: Benefit Breakdown

Interior shutters or shutter blinds mirror the vintage-style shutters of older homes. They’re mostly designed to be closed manually, i.e., by pushing the slats closed with your hand. Shutter blinds are great everywhere in the home, but they’re especially good in humid or high-sun areas. The kitchen and the bathroom are great places to include these practical shutters.


Shutter blinds have a clear-cut vintage aesthetic that can greatly impact your home. They’re ideal in spaces inspired by farmhouse, vintage, or coastal styles, as they have an old-world feel you can’t ignore.


You can source these blinds in a variety of materials. One of the most common types of shutter blinds is made from PVC; they’re easy to clean and excellent for damp environments like your kitchen or bathroom.


Shutters are excellent for privacy. While open, they still partially obscure an outsider’s view into your home while providing plenty of natural light to you. When closed, they completely cut off the view from outside. They cannot accidentally be disturbed, making them an ideal bathroom addition.


In the battle between shutters and Venetian blinds, these built-in shutters have a unique quality that sets them apart. These blinds are built into your window frame, so no frustrating clatter or rattles will plague your ears when the wind picks up. This makes them easy to clean or dust as part of your regular cleaning routine. Plus, pets or children are far less likely to get tangled up in these fixed shutters than in hanging blinds.

Venetian Blinds: Benefit Breakdown

Venetian blinds are a timeless classic. They’ve been used in luxury homes since their invention, reflecting the high-society tastes of their namesake country, Venice. These blinds are versatile and stylish, with the option for natural textures or a cleaner, more convenient aluminium variation.

Low Maintenance

To keep your blinds in tip-top shape, you need only give them an occasional wipe-down or dusting. It’s important to avoid using wooden Venetian blinds in humid areas like your kitchen, bathroom, or laundry, as this can cause them to grow mould. However, their PVC or aluminium counterparts are ideal for the more humid areas of your home.

Elegant Design

In the battle between shutters and Venetian blinds, the latter often comes out on top if you prefer a luxurious feel. With a name like ‘Venetian blinds’, is it any wonder that these window treatments harken back to the classically elegant style of Venice? No matter the material you choose, these broad slats and delicately angled design help a space feel modern, clean, and luxurious.

Light Control

With fixed shutters, you can never remove them and allow all the light to stream in. However, thanks to retractable Venetian blinds, you can roll them to the top of the window and allow all the light in. This is wonderful if you have big windows or are a lover of natural light in your home.

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