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How to Reduce Energy Costs at Home During Winter

The arrival of winter signals the return of heaters and longer hours of leaving the lights on, which can rack up the bills quite a bit, leaving many worrying about possible methods to reduce energy costs at home during this period.

Fret not! Our team at Home Vision Blinds has several tips to keep your home warm and toasty in style without breaking the bank!

Cover Those Windows

Uncovered windows, especially single-glazed ones, aren’t great at keeping the cold out and are the primary source of heat loss in many New Zealand homes. This continuous loss of warmth can then contribute to an overworked heater, left on for longer to ensure that the room remains heated well into the night.

Quality window blinds can help retain warmth and prevent heat loss. Here’s what to look out for when installing blinds in NZ to ensure you’re getting the most out of them.

Pick a Style

The design of a blind doesn’t only serve to elevate the visual appeal of a room; it is also a great way to reduce energy costs at home. Light-coloured blinds made from thick and tightly woven fabrics are perfect for trapping heat and keeping the intended room well insulated.

Layer Up

Different styles and types of blinds are perfect for layering up and can be used to change up your room design while also maintaining control over the preferred level of insulation. Sunscreen and blackout roller blinds, for example, make a great pairing, allowing you to choose between regulating and eliminating sunlight.

Sunscreen blinds are lightly woven to provide privacy while still letting natural sunlight and warmth in during the day. Blackout blinds are thicker and often made of thermal fabrics, ideal as a second layer at night to retain warmth. A second layer of blinds also creates pockets of air between the window and blinds that are perfect for insulating your home, keeping it warm during winter and cool during summer. 

Watch Out for Gaps

Ensure your blinds fit snugly around all sides of the window, ideally touching the floor. This stops warm air from seeping through the cracks and prevents cold air from entering the room and cooling it down.

Let the Light In

Keep the blinds open during the day and close them as soon as it gets dark. In addition to making the most of the daylight, utilising the sun to warm your home naturally by day and your blinds to insulate your home by night can effectively reduce energy costs at home.

Reduce Energy Costs with Blinds from Home Vision Blinds

We understand how tricky it is to keep your home well heated and illuminated in winter. High-quality blinds are a worthwhile investment to reduce energy costs at home during the cooler winter months, and our team at Home Vision Blinds can customise the perfect blinds to suit your needs all year round. Get in touch for a free measure and quote today. 

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