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How to Choose the Best Window Blinds for Any Room

Choosing the perfect blind deserves a good amount of thought and consideration. How to choose window blinds depends on the room, the functionality, style, and budget one is working with.

With so many types of window treatments available, choosing the perfect fit might seem daunting. A window blind or shutter can be a make-or-break element in a room’s styling and usefulness. To help you choose the perfect blind or shade for your home, here are some things to consider.

Start With Function Over Fashion

Fashion is fleeting, but function is forever. A great place to start when choosing window blinds is to think about what you need them to achieve. This generally differs from room to room, so having a one-size-fits-all blind or shade will likely not work for the whole house.

There are a few things to consider to ensure you’re choosing the right window treatments for your need.

Blinds for Light Control

Light plays a large part in the look, feel, and function of a room. When considering how to choose a window blind that fits perfectly in your space, think about how much light you want to let in or keep out.

Much of this will depend on which room you install blinds or shades in. For example, living areas are more welcoming with large swathes of light, whereas even the smallest drips of sunlight in the bedroom can be more annoying than ambient. It also depends on the direction the room faces. For example, if you’re installing blinds in Auckland, a north-facing room will get much more sunlight and could benefit from sunscreen blinds to help filter harsh UV rays. For light-friendly spaces, try classic white Venetian blinds to let beams trickle into the room. If you’re looking for a heavier blind with more coverage, a full roller blind is a perfect choice. Try installing the blind outside of the window frame to ensure you’re blocking as much of the window as possible.

The Size of the Space

There are many ways to manipulate how a space is experienced. One of the more subtle, but most impactful ways of creating a certain mise en scene (a certain aesthetic) is through your window treatments.

Recessed blinds can create a more spacious feel to enlarge small spaces. On the contrary, a heavy blind positioned outside a window frame can enhance the intimacy of large spaces that might otherwise feel empty.

The colour of a blind can also affect the perceived size of a space. Light or neutral tones open out a space, whereas monochromatic or dark, moody colours can be inviting and cosy for those wanting to curl up in a comfy spot.

What is the Space’s Function?

Like we said at the start, functionality is the main element to consider when choosing window blinds. Think about how and when you use the room each day. For example, a bathroom will need blinds of a sturdier nature, made from material that won’t soak up moisture or invite mould. Think PVC shutters or vinyl blinds here.

If it’s a lounge area or bedroom where the blinds are being opened and closed multiple times daily, save yourself some hassle by installing motorised blinds. They’re fuss-free and fun to use, telling us it’s the little things that can really make our day!

Your Budget Constraints & Value for Money

Budget is the last but not the least important thing to consider when choosing your blinds. Fitting out an entire house with blinds or shutters is an expensive operation, so think about where you want to spend your money and when.

A good tactic is to install good quality blinds that last the test of time, so you’re saving money in the long term. Otherwise, consider which rooms will benefit most from more expensive but durable blinds, and spend your hard-earned cash there!

Second Stop: Style

While style is secondary to function, you should still think about it. The style will influence the way your chosen blinds fit within your home. If you’re looking to create space with a more traditional look, install wood or faux wood blinds to create a homely and understated feel.

A sleek and modern look may include a monochrome colour palette to create contrast and edge in space. Think white walls with black or dark roller blinds. Long metallic vertical blinds can also be a striking way to bring boldness into your home.

Floral blinds aren’t a common choice, but they are a statement. A room can be plain and staid with neutral palettes or just lack a little bit of fun. Floral or patterned blinds can help brighten a space, making it happy and light with pops of colour and detail the eye will love to explore.

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