Custom Blind Solutions for Tricky Window Shapes

Window blinds come in all shapes and sizes, but they all share the same objective: to control light and privacy. But what if you have some unusual window shapes, such as arches, octagons, bows, bays, or skylights? Your standard blinds may not have the flexibility to cope!

Fortunately, at Home Vision Blinds, we have a huge variety of specialist blinds that can be used to enhance any hard-to-decorate window.

No matter what size or shape your windows might be, we can supply custom blinds in NZ, choosing from a huge range of styles and designs, so read on to discover the best options for your tricky windows.

Which window shapes pose the biggest challenge for blinds?

  • Arched windows. Arched windows have a rounded top that can clash with the straight mounts for most window blinds.
  • Awning windows. Awning windows are hinged along the top edge and open from the bottom, making them an ideal window option for areas that receive plenty of rain.
  • Bay windows. Popular in New Zealand, bay windows feature three or more windows angling outward from the exterior wall to provide a more panoramic view. Because these windows are not flush with the interior wall, they can pose challenges when mounting blinds.
  • Hexagon or round windows. These windows tend to be smaller, offering a less prominent but important splash of natural light into narrower or more discreet spaces. The typically smaller size of round or hexagon windows can make standard blinds appear oversized or clunky.

The Best Blinds for Tricky Window Shapes

Roller blinds

Roller blinds tick a lot of boxes, as you can mount individual blinds to each pane of glass, offering a dramatic increase in light and privacy control. They also come in a wide range of textures and colours. At Home Vision Blinds, we offer three types of fabric choices, depending on whether you want to simply filter light or block it out entirely.

Shutter blinds

Similarly, you can use shutters for ovals, hexagons, and half-circles, making them one of the most versatile choices available. Shaped shutters can accentuate a window, helping it stand out as a design feature and enhancing the character of the house. Shutter blinds are a great fit for many unconventional window shapes—including arched windows—because their panel structure allows you to match the shape of the window.

Venetian blinds

Venetian blinds are a great fit for awning windows. Their setup allows them to remain drawn when the awning window is pushed open, and the window’s top-mounted hinge will protect the blinds from the elements. By opening the slats, you can even avoid your blinds tossing in the breeze!

Vertical blinds

Finally, vertical blinds feature vertical louvres, making them a great fit for larger windows. They can be custom-made with a curved headrail for those oddly shaped windows. Their high level of privacy control makes them a great choice for bay windows, and their tracks can follow the contours of bay windows with ease.

Blinds are our passion

With our passion for blinds, we have created a wide range, with options such as automated blinds to suit architectural builds, to hard-wearing options for rental properties. Our friendly, professional team is happy to advise you on your window solution options, so talk to our experienced consultants today!

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