4 Unique Benefits of Motorised Blinds

Window coverings aren’t usually the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about smart home solutions. Elegant, custom-made motorised blinds can be an incredible addition to any home, elevating your interior décor and adding value to your daily life. Below, we discuss the many benefits of motorised blinds and how they can work for you.

What Are Motorised Blinds?

Functional and easy to use, motorised blinds reduce heat loss and provide efficient light and privacy control in any room. Motorised blinds can be placed indoors or outdoors and operated via a motor and remote-control system, offering seamless ease of control. With multiple control settings, motorised blinds are a great addition to any modern and smart home.

1. Offers Security

Pairing your motorised blinds with an automated lighting system can be a great way to deter potential thieves from your home. They can be programmed to operate automatically throughout the day regardless of where the home occupants are. By periodically moving your blinds and operating your lights, your home will appear occupied and be less of a target for suspicious individuals.

2. Accessibility and Control

Control your motorised blinds easily via remote control or your smart device as and when necessary. This control is perfect for homes with larger windows or skylights that are hard to reach. An automated operation process ensures that every inch of your windows is covered. Full automation means optimal light control and temperature regulation without fetching a ladder.

With the option for voice control over smart hub systems like Apple Home or Google Home Assistant in NZ, motorised blinds are ideal for any home. These blinds are convenient and are especially helpful for the elderly, disabled, and anybody living with physical limitations.

3. Safety

Small children are curious and love getting their hands on anything, especially loose and dangling blind cords, which can pose suffocation hazards. Pets can also get caught up or tangled, causing them to hurt themselves. Cordless, easy control is one of the many benefits of motorised blinds. They’re the perfect addition to any room and ensure that your home is child and pet-safe.

4. Energy Efficient

Enjoy seamless integration into your smart home system by purchasing a smart thermostat. This device will measure indoor and outdoor temperatures to determine whether your motorised blinds should be closed. The level of control over sunlight exposure and when the blinds are closed helps to insulate your home and prevent heat loss. You’ll be able to save on energy bills from heating or cooling your home using an HVAC or similar system. Automation makes it easy to maintain an ideal and comfortable home temperature.

Step into the Future with Motorised Blinds

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