How to install roller blinds?


Before you buy your blinds, you’ll need to decide whether you are going to install the blinds within the window frame or outside the frame.

Inside the frame achieves a neater look that’s ideal in a living space.

Outside the frame is often better for the bedroom as it keeps out the light more effectively.

Start with the smallest window then work your way up to larger, higher, or unusually shaped windows.

You will need: tape measure and pencil, screwdriver, and safety glasses.

You may need: Power drill, a step ladder.

The hardware, brackets, and screws should come with your blinds.

Step 1: Measure your window frame

Measure the window before you order your blinds. You’ll need to decide if you’re hanging your blind inside the cavity of your window or over the top.

If you’re hanging your blinds inside the frame, you’ll need to allow a small gap on each side so the blind can run smoothly.

Step 2: Install the brackets

Mark a point at each side of the frame where you’ll put each bracket. There may be a difference the left and right brackets, check they fit with each end of the blind. Make sure each bracket will be placed at the same height and depth relative to the window.

Hold the bracket in place and pre-drill the screw holes. If your window frame is older or made of a soft wood, you may be able to screw directly in without pre-drilling.

Make sure you get this as accurate as possible, if the brackets are not the right distance apart, the blind won’t fit. Once you’re happy with your bracket placement, use your screwdriver to drive the screws in and make the bracket stable.

Step 3: Fit the blind between the brackets

With your blind rolled up, slide the blind between the brackets. Start with the end that doesn’t have the chain, then slide the chain side in second.

Check the blind has enough room to roll freely, and that it is sitting nice and straight. Give it a few test rolls to make sure it’s nice and secure!

Step back and admire your new, fully installed blind.
If you get stuck, or need any advice on choosing your blinds, give us a call on 0800 BLINDS.



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