How to install blinds

One of the best ways to spruce up your home to improve your selling price is to install new window dressings. But like most things there are easy ways and hard ways to do it.

In the examples below we are referring to sliding windows.


Install Horizontal Blinds

Step 1:

Decide whether you are going to install the blinds within the window opening or outside
the opening. Inside looks neater but outside blocks light more effectively for light sleepers.

The width of your window jab may be a determining factor. If you have a solid brick or brick veneer
or concrete block home then your window jambs will be plenty wide enough to house your blinds and not have them banging against the windows.

If you have a timber frame home with a thin timber external cladding your window jambs may be too narrow to house your blinds and they will have to be fitted outside the frames. Remember you don’t want the blinds hitting the windows.

The other factor to consider is that if you have window locks fitted the frame of the window will be wider and it may interfere with the blinds.

Step 2:

When installing start with the smallest window first. You may find it a bit awkward juggling your screw gun while holding up the brackets and then trying to fit the blinds into the bracket. Once you have done one you will quickly work out the best way, so its best to start with the lightest and easiest.

Where you position the brackets at the top will again depend on the width of the window jamb. Set the bracket too far back and you will have the window hitting the blinds problem. I usually like
to bring the bracket forward to the front of the jamb, so that there is the maximum clearance.

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