5 Tips for Choosing Family Friendly Blinds

Whether you’re moving into a new home or redecorating a single room, choosing practical, family-friendly blinds that still reflect your style can be a daunting task. Follow these 5 tips to spruce up any room in your home with well-chosen blinds.

1) Create a mood board

A mood board is a design tool that brings together a collection of materials, images, colours, textures and even words to evoke an overall style or design idea. You can start by browsing photos of blinds online and in home décor magazines, to see which type of blinds are best suited to your space.

For a child’s bedroom, you might want to use a favourite book or animal as inspiration. Roller blinds can be an affordable way to add an element of fun because there are so many brightly coloured and patterned options available. Louvolite, a UK-based blind manufacturer, makes fabric in patterns ranging from giraffes to trucks.

In contrast, a kitchen may take inspiration from your preferred cuisine, a famous restaurant, or a particular period in time. For a more classic look, wooden blinds provide a functional and attracve alternative.

Pinterest is the modern-day mood board and great for pulling together inspiration but, be warned, releasing your inner designer can easily become a time-consuming exercise.

Put all your ideas and inspiration in one place, bring together design elements you like and cast aside ideas that may be better saved for another project. You can then use your mood board as a starting point for selecting samples to bring to your supplier.

Design trends provide a great source of inspiration, but they come and go, so creating your own mood board to produce interior decorating that’s uniquely yours.

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2) Go green

By green, I don’t mean theme your room in the tones of a natural woodland wonderland (although I’m sure this has been done) but rather, opt for environmentally friendly window treatments.

Eco-friendly fabrics made with bio-base plasticisers are becoming increasingly popular for both environmental and personal reasons. While they are better for the environment, choosing bio-based fabrics can also reduce the presence of harsh chemicals in your home furnishings.

Another climate-saving tip; keep your home temperature controlled year-round with thermal-backed roller blinds. Well-fitted, thermal blinds can boost comfort levels and reduce energy bills in climates with changeable weather, minimising your environmental impact and saving you money in the long term by retaining passive heat. New Zealand’s four seasons in one day won’t be an issue!

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3) Choose blinds that can take the heat

Your choice in blinds should be partly dependent on the room. An east-facing sunroom will need a lighter weight blind than a bedroom. For high-moisture areas such as a kitchen or bathroom, durability and mould resistance are more important than blocking light. New Zealand-based Home Vision Blinds recommend selecting from 3 fabric density weights: blackout blinds, sunscreen or sun filter, depending on the room.

Sun filter weight blinds are ideal in sunny areas or a home office where you want to adjust light throughout the day. Control glare without losing your view! Again, the trend in sunscreens is towards eco-friendly materials made with bio-based plasticisers.

Fabric made with bio-based plasticisers have benefits beyond getting the climate change tick of approval. Eco-friendly fabric options such as the Sheerweave4300 from the Ecolibrium range have flame retardant qualities that meet NZ, Australian & International Standards. A safer option for your family.  During summer, these fabrics can also provide glare reduction, heat reduction and UV control.

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4) Reduce trip hazards

This tip is particularly relevant for children’s rooms or communal spaces and high traffic areas such as a living room or hallway. When choosing your blind style and fittings, think ahead. Will there be cords dangling in a thoroughfare? Will the kids be playing nearby?

Instead of traditional side-winder chains or springs, consider motorised roller blinds, operated by battery-run remotes that keep blinds hands-free and child safe.

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5) Ensure they’re made to measure

Depending on your chosen fabric, roller blinds can be as wide as 2,800mm to 3,000mm, so it’s worth measuring your window before you choose your blinds.

There are 2 ways to fit blinds, either recess or exact. The choice of fitting style determines whether you are going to install the blinds within (recess) or outside the window opening (exact). A recess fitting looks neater but exact blocks out the light more effectively. Installing outside the opening is a popular choice for bedrooms, blocking out more sunlight for those Sunday lie-ins.

Deciding which way your blinds should be fitted and providing the correct measurements are important points for finishing a room with well-fitted, attractive blinds.

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Next time you renovate, just remember the five tips for family friendly blinds; find your style, opt for eco-friendly, select room-appropriate fabric-weight, consider safe fittings and provide accurate measurements for a seamless fit.

To find out more about the range of blinds available speak to one of our friendly consultants today! Request specialist advice

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